Basic Firearms Courses

img_2330Evan’s offers quality training for beginner shooters. The range masters at Evan’s come from many backgrounds including, United States Marine Corps, US Army, private security, and NRA backgrounds.

Range instructors slightly vary in their instruction but the mission is the same. All beginners will learn the core National Rifle Association safety rules, and their applications. Beginners will be escorted through the process from beginning to end with close supervision. Quality instruction builds confident shooters that will go on to many different shooting sports.

The beginner course fee is $70. A typical beginner course will provide the following:

  1. Rental gun (Glock 17 or equivalent)
  2. 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition
  3. 2 paper targets or more if needed for accuracy
  4. Lane Rental
  5. Eye and Ear protection

Typically the beginner course is held in a group setting. Instructors can walk students through the proper stance, manipulation of the firearm, loading and unloading, and proper trigger follow through.

For those who are on Holiday, and want a great opportunity to take advantage of the shooting range while you are visiting the USA, you can definitely take advantage of this course and rent the available equipment during your stay.