Firearm Sales

Evans Gun World has sought out some of the firearms industries best weapons builders and accessory manufacturers.

We are a Glock Blue Label, SIG LE, and Smith & Wesson LE Dealer!

Our exclusive distributor is Davidsons Gallery of Guns. Their LIFETIME  warranty and 2day shipping opens up our capability to offer you hundreds of options.

We do allow firearm transfers. Please email for approval and pricing. Remember to ask if we can source a firearm before you order online, our pricing is competitive.

DROS Requirements:

We follow ALL Local, State, and Federal Laws when processing firearm sales. No Exceptions.

  1. Current Valid California I.D. or D.L.
    1. If “Federal Limits Apply” is on your I.D. you must provide a valid birth certificate, green card, or passport.
  2. Current Valid Residency Requirement with your name and current address.
    1. Utility Bill
    2. Car Registration
    3. Lease Agreement
  3. Current FSC Card
    1. If you don’t have a current FSC, please contact to schedule the test.
  4. Police Officers
    1. Please have your current Department I.D.
    2. Must have a current “wet ink signature” letter signed by your Chief if you want to bypass the 10-day wait.