Range Rules

Range Rules


We have many safety rules that are there for your protection.  There are a few rules that are specific to our range.  Please note that the tactical range has special information, for which you must discuss with our range masters on duty.

– All firearms are to be treated as if they are loaded.

– Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy.

– Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

– Know your target and what lies beyond it.

-NO loaded firearms are allowed outside the shooting booths.

– All firearms being handled are to kept with muzzle pointing in a safe direction.

– All firearms to and from the shooting booths are to be unloaded and carried with cylinders open, or actions locked open or carried in a case.

– All firearms handling and ammo loading must be done inside the shooter’s booth.

– NO holstered firearms are allowed on the range (Law Enforcement Officers and CCW Permit Holders are – exempt with permission from the Rangemaster).

– All carrying Law Enforcement Officers and CCW Permit Holders are to keep loaded firearms holstered unless – explicit permission
is granted from range master.

– NO rapid fire or double taps (rate of fire is not to exceed 1 round every 3 seconds).

– NO rifle caliber handguns or rifles allowed (.223, .308, .300 Win Mag, 30-06, .50 BMG etc). Unless it is on Rifle/Shotgun night

– Ear and eye protection are mandatory. No one will be allowed on the range without ear and eye protection.

– No food or drinks are to be taken into the range area.

– Any firearms that experience a malfunction are to be left on the shooting booth pointing down range. If you are unable to clear the malfunction yourself, leave the firearm in the booth and notify a range master. Don?t ever bring a loaded firearm into the lobby area.

– NO steel jacket, steel core, steel case or airsoft ammunition allowed. Also NO armor piercing, tracers or incendiary ammunition is allowed.

-Rangemasters have the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition to be used on range.

– NO reaching of any body parts past the shooting booth.

-There will be NO firing from under the barriers. Barriers will remain in place at all times.

– Anyone found to be in violation of any range rules, (written, oral or implied) or is found doing anything considered unsafe will be warned or removed from the range at the range masters discretion