Lane rental:

  • $20 individual first shooter, $18 ever shooter there after for an unlimited time (3 person limit per lane)
  • Shooters Under 21 years old MUST be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and show school id or birth certificate.
  • Shooters Under 21 MAY NOT rent firearms or purchase ammunition.

Rental Guns

  • First Handgun Rental $10
    • Every additional rental is $3
  • Rifle Rental $15
    • Every additional rental is $5
  • Must use range ammo with rentals
  • A basic safe handling demonstration must be conducted prior to the rental to ensure confident manipulation of the firearm. (Rental is not guaranteed )
  • Gun purchase offer: should you decide to rent before you purchase, and decide that particular firearm is for you, we will apply a discount of the rental gun fee (excluding ammo) towards the purchase of that firearm.
  • We reserve the right to not rent to anyone who appears to be under the influence or appears agitated.
  • Must have a passport, drivers license, range membership or ccw to rent.
  • Shooters Under 21 MAY NOT rent firearms or purchase ammunition.


Range Memberships are 13 months and can be purchased for $299. Inclusions:

  • Unlimited lane use, shoot as long as you need to
  • Priority preference over the general public if there is a wait list.
  • Rifle use on the tactical side, during available member times.
  • Family add on (parents, spouse or children) are $100 each person
  • Unlimited Gun Rentals $100.
  • If you shoot more than twice per month it pays for itself.

Partial or Full Rental Fees

  • Large private groups can rent the range (pricing may vary)
  • Includes Classroom
  • The tactical side does require range master credentials and insurance to be on file with the range.
  • For private parties such as Bachelor parties or Birthday parties a Range Safety Officer must be scheduled at $150 an hour monday-thursday and $200 Friday, Saturday & Sunday plus the range fee per hour rate [SCHEDULE PERMITTING]
  • Please contact to schedule.

LEO Agencies Rentals

  • Range is available at a discount to LEO agencies please contact for more details.