Range Availability

Range availability for September 19th- September 25th , 2021

Public Range10am-8pm11am-6:30pm2:00pm-10pm10am-10pm10am-10pm4:30pm-10pm10am-10pm
Tactical Range10am-12pm & 2pm-8pmClosed4:30pm-10pm4:30PM-10PM (Rifle Night)Closed 4:30pm-9pm10qm-10pm
Gun SalesBy Apt.By Apt.By Apt.By Apt.By Apt.By Apt.By Apt.
Range Availability is subject to change

Please Contact: info@evansgunworld.com to schedule the Tactical Range for Private Member Use or Law Enforcement Agencies. Tactical Range is open to the public only on Wednesday, Rifle Nights from 6pm-10pm Fee is $25 per person.