Range Availability


Rifle & Shotgun Night- Wednesdays 5pm-10pm

Range availability May 28 – June 3, 2023

Public RangeTactical Range
Sunday May 2810am – 8pm10am -8pm
Monday May 2910am – 1pm10am-1pm
Tuesday May 3010am – 10pm10am – 10pm
Wednesday May 3110am – 10pm10am – 10pm
Thursday June 110am – 6pm10am – 1pm
Friday June 210am – 10pm10am-6pm
Saturday June 310am – 10pm10am – 8pm

Please select the busy times to see the time the tactical range is UNAVAILABLE. If there are two busy times at the same time then the public and tactical side is closed during those times.

Please Contact: info@evansgunworld.com to schedule the Tactical Range for Private Member Use or Law Enforcement Agencies. Tactical Range is open to the public only on Wednesday, Rifle Nights from 6pm-10pm Fee is $25 per person.