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Smith and Wesson revolver timing can get thrown off as the revolver ages and gets used. Timing is absolutely critical in both revolvers and semi autos as it provides the souce of ammunition for the gun to go bang on time.


Walther P38 checks out good to go and we get a close up on a historic pistol that was taken from a German Officer.


Gunsmithing repair of an English Lee Enfield. Historic, modern, experimental, Kirk can turn wrenches and get the weapon working as it should.

Fast moving heavy weights, 44Mag, 10mm, and 45acp. These cartridges are designed to make big holes in their intended target. See the pistols that make these cartridges come to life.

Resident Gunsmith, Kirk, working on a clients Ruger front sight. Gunsmithing being completed daily. Make sure you call before coming to the range to ask about the status of your firearm. Parts and supply can slow us down but if we have the parts, Kirk has the skill.

Carrying a CCW is a difficult decision. Narrowing your favorite gun down to one can be overwhelming. Especially when you are thinking ahead about your destination, and the need for firepower supremacy versus conceal-ability.

Glock 19 and Sig Sauer 365 polymer guns. These are some of the newest guns released since Shot Show 2018. If you are interested in trying them out contact us at the range and see what is available.

Shop Tour dated March 28, showing what guns are available. Guns are coming in and going out. Inventory changes weekly.

Benelli, Beretta, and Franchi Shotguns sold at the Shop. Stop in for pricing.